domingo, 8 de enero de 2012


After too long no posting, I show up again! I've got too much news, and all of them are wonderfull!
These days I've been studying and going to a lot of family meetings but this is the last day of my "Christmas holidays", so I have to post something.
I can not promise to be constant with the blog too much until the end of exams, but I will try it.
The news are due to my good behave, and Santa has rewared me with lots of presents.
The first one was my new camera! I'm in love with it, is a 500D Canon with two opcticals and it's amazing, you will notice it in nexts photoshoots! :)

Now, we are in my favourite season, SALES! Yesterday, I was in the mall at 10:00 to catch all I could, and instead of the crowds and the unbelievable queues, I got lots of new clothing! I will show you soon. :)

And the biggest new is here, my darling Poppi! :)

He is so funny and brave, he is still too young so he is scared of nearly everything, but in few days, I will take him for walks! :)

Sweet dreams! :)

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