lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011


Just a quick post about this comfortable outfit I wore the last week of university before Christmas :)

domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011


I dedicate this post to my darling and lovely university friends, they are the best of me, thank you so much for everything you do and you have done for me. I wanted you to know that you are the best present, that nothing was neccesary if I have you everyday, you get make me happy and make me laugh all the time.
The 21st, this number that I really love, was my birthday. And I had two surprise parties, can you imagine? My mum prepared one and she got to put in contact with my friends to made them come to my house even she didn't know them; and the other party was made by mi university friends, it was controled by my darling girls, Isa, Laura and Mar, and they really made a perfect job. And the result was my complete happiness. Thank you so so much for all you've done, I f***** love you!

Este post va por mis adorables y achuchables compañeros de uni, que son lo mejor que tengo de verdad, muchísimas gracias por todo lo que habéis hecho y hacéis por mí. Que sepáis que vosotros sois el mejor regalo, que no hacía falta nada más que vuestra presencia día a día, que conseguís hacerme feliz y reír por todo.
El día 21, ese número que tanto adoro, fue mi cumpleaños. Y tuve nada más y nada menos que 2 fiestas sorpresas, una a manos de mi adorada mamá, que consiguió reunir a todos mis compañeros a pesar de no conocer a ninguno y otra que llevaron a cabo mis propios compañeros, controlada por mis adorables niñas, Isa, Laura y Mar, que hicieron un trabajo perfecto. Y el resultado fue mi felicidad absoluta. Mil gracias por todo, os adoro joder!


Hi again!
Sorry for leaving the blog so much time, but I've been with exams and very busy, so I couldn't take time for it.
These days I've had such good and wrong things. I went to the party I told, and It was so crazy, I can not remember anything about period of time between half past 12 and half past 3 a.m. !! But all the rest I remember of the night is so funny and exciting! :) The wrong thing is that I missed my handbag and that was terrible! But I have lot of good news that I will tell in next post.
The Christmas tree was decored by my mum, she loves Christmas and enjoys a lot filling the whole house with lots of Christmas decorations and I really think she makes a good job every holidays.
Hope you have Merry Christmas! :)

miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011


Hi babes!
After long time no posting, I come back to my darling blog.
I've been very busy and I couldn't show up earlier.
These days I've felt like going away from Ct next year will be impossible. My friends spend all day telling me how they felt if I go to Madrid, and they get make me feel worse than I can imagine. 
I wore this outfit last weekend, when I met with my lovely friends from Aguilas. I didn't see them for 2 months more or less, so I needed to much meet with them. I missed you babes!
Tomorrow is the University new year's eve, and I'm looking forward to go to the party in Buda! It will be amazing! But the bad new is that tomorrow there will take place a concert of one of my favourite Spanish singers, I wanted to go but when I tried to buy the tickets, my friend Figu and I found out that it was sold out. :(

Yet, this week I received the amazing new that I passed the informatic exam, I couldn't believe it, neither my mom! :) I'm so happy due to that. 
Good night and hope you have nice dreams! :)

martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011


Hi again!
After my perfect Thursday, I had my perfect weekend, I spent it on my friend's country house, and it was so f**** crazy! 

viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011


My perfect Thursday is when I haven't got university lab in the evening and when my lovely Alber and Lenin prepare something at home at night.
Today, I had a long shower, dedaceted 2 hours for myself, got perfect and went to the library to socialize.
After that, I went to the gym with my modest Víctor, had another shower and got ready for the night.
Today, my dear Karim came, so it was perfect. Besides he didn't hear Alber playing something with the guitar, so he got impressed. :)
I post right now because I don't know if I will be able to do it this weekend. I'll spend it in Pagan's country house, with all my university friends, and it seems to be amazing! I can not wait more!

Mi jueves perfecto es aquel en el que no tengo prácticas de la universidad por la tarde y cuando mis queridos Alber y Lenin preparan algo para la noche.
Hoy, me he tomado un par de horas para mí misma, y realmente lo necesitaba ya, me duche relajadamente, me puse hecha una princesa y me fui a la biblioteca a continuar con la vida social.
Después, fui al gimnasio con mi modesto Víctor, me dí otra ducha y me preparé para la noche.
Esta noche, ha venido mi querido Karim, así que fue genial. Además, él nunca había oído tocar y cantar a Alber, así que se quedó impresionado. :)
Hago este post a estas horas porque no sé si podré hacerlo este fin de semana, ya que lo paso en la casa de campo de Pagan con todos mi amigos de la universidad, ¿pinta increíble! ¡No puedo esperar más!