domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011


Hi again!
Sorry for leaving the blog so much time, but I've been with exams and very busy, so I couldn't take time for it.
These days I've had such good and wrong things. I went to the party I told, and It was so crazy, I can not remember anything about period of time between half past 12 and half past 3 a.m. !! But all the rest I remember of the night is so funny and exciting! :) The wrong thing is that I missed my handbag and that was terrible! But I have lot of good news that I will tell in next post.
The Christmas tree was decored by my mum, she loves Christmas and enjoys a lot filling the whole house with lots of Christmas decorations and I really think she makes a good job every holidays.
Hope you have Merry Christmas! :)

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