viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011


Hello babes! 
This photo is really amazing, and everytime I watch it, I fell in love more and more with it.
It was taken in the famous London tube, and I don't remember exactly what was the stop, but I know that it was at night, when the tube is empty of the typical crowds. Albert and me went away to see the magic night of London, and I realized what a wonderfull shot we could take there, a bit dangerous but the result was this... auuugh!

I have decided to put this pic here because we are on dolphin season, and I really miss to sail in my uncle's boat and move away from the coast, to the open sea and play with those funny animals.
Sadly, I have no time to do that, but hope to return this habit in few years.

Finally, just say that Halloween is near, so take off your scary dresses and ask for some sweets ;)

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